Solar Panel TWIN PLUS model PS550M6H-22/WH 550Wp


Ref. 11004505

LONGI 455W mono PERC solar panel with very high efficiency. It combines all the latest generation technologies to offer unparalleled power in the market at this time, at a very competitive price.

Its monocrystalline split cell PERC technology increases its performance and reduces its degradation, improving performance in low insolations and in times of high temperatures.

The internal electrical design of the module allows it to operate with less currents, thus avoiding the creation of hot spots and improving the useful life.

Recommended use for LONGI 455W mono PERC solar panels

The panels of 72 complete or split cells, as in this case, can be used directly in isolated 24V systems, directly with PWM regulators, although this type of solar panels is more interesting to connect them through MPPT regulators or use them in self-consumption installations connected to the network. , maximizing the power we install in the available space.

Both in residential self-consumption facilities and in industrial self-consumption, the LONGI 450W mono PERC solar panel offers exceptional performance, fast installation and maximum power per installed square meter.


Solar Panel Longi HI-MO4M LR4-72HPH 455Wp Monocrystalline

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