Growatt Inverter MIN 6000TL-XE IP65 | 80-550Vdc | Monophase | 2 MPPT

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The Red Growatt MIN 6000TL-XE Inverter is a monophase self-consumption inverter, which is also known as a grid connection inverter and that can deliver, as we extract from its name, up to 6000W of power, provided we have the solar radiation required for this. As a great advantage of this device, we must highlight its cost, which together with an optimal manufacturing quality will provide us with the most affordable solution for our self-consumption installation. It receives the name of grid connection inverter since it requires the existence of an electrical grid to which the inverter will be connected to start operating. The Red Growatt MIN 6000TL-XE Inverter is, as we have previously indicated, single-phase and therefore it is ready to operate connected to single-phase networks with phase and neutral. Its mission is to contribute to the electrical network of our home, with the energy that the solar panels that it has connected to.

The whole range of possibilities that MIN-XE offers and of which this Red Growatt MIN 6000TL-XE Inverter is a part has 2 independent MPPT regulators. All this will allow us to have greater flexibility in terms of the approach or design, and installation of the panels, since together with their high operating voltage, it will allow us to design a distribution of the panels with 2 series of different electrical characteristics or with different orientations at the physical level, they will all have the same sizes. A very solid size and very comfortable to handle, in addition to having a current design, so that it can be installed anywhere.


Growatt Inverter MIN 6000TL-XE
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