Timer 12V 24 Hours

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Ref. 18000101


  • Works with 12V battery voltages
  • Can give inputs up to 16A and 250Vac or work in continuous.
  • Possibility of programming from O to 24h with intervals of 30 minutes.
  • Ready to go on DIN rail


  • Operation with 12V battery voltage.
  • Tubular model with common thread E27.
  • White light 4000K / 6400K (see if available with yellow light).
  • 10000 hours of operation.
  • Table of equivalence of the old incandes-centes bulbs:
    • 5W equals 40W.
    • 11W equals 60W.
    • 15W equals 75W.

LED Fluorescents

  • Tube-T8 format.
  • 24Vdc operation.
  • Can be combined with motion detectors.

LED Projectors

  • Operation at 12 or 24Vdc depending on model.
  • Lifetime of at least 50000 hours of operation.
  • White light from 4000K to 6000K depending on model

Data sheet

Data sheet
12 Vdc
90x50x65 mm
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