Growatt SPF5000 Inverter | 5000W | 48Vdc | MPPT 120-430Vdc 100A | Li / Pb compatible


Ref. 15406621

SPF series are 3-in-1 inverter-charger-regulator.

AC support input for night supply in case of working without batteries or to make a quick change to it if the battery is over. Support by public network or generator set.

MPPT input and up to 6 units can be installed in parallel to configure systems of up to 30kW of power. Ideal for isolated locations.

Compatible with lithium and lead acid batteries

  • 230Vac single-phase inverter.
  • Optional Shine Wifi F or Shinelink F for online data visualization, web server and free shine phone app.
  • Have a display.
  • Comfortable connection area and integrated DC disconnect device.

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