MC1 -250 Efficient transformer 250A (1 phase)

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The injection systems 0 are devices that measure in real time the solar production and the real electrical consumption of an installation so that at the moment in which the solar production exceeds the consumption the solar production is automatically diminished to avoid the generation of surplus kWh that would be sent to the electricity grid. They are essential if you want to legalize the installation of self-consumption. They act on the grid inverter so that the work point of the grid is modified by modulating it electronically with the aim of reducing the solar output at the inverter output. They are capable of measuring all energy flows: consumed generated and injected. With these data the production is adapted to the consumption making the injection to the grid null. Two are the pioneering brands in this sector: Circutor and Solarlog.

Data sheet

Data sheet
1 fase
250 A
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