Photovoltaic Kit Autoconsumo Red 1120Wp

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Ref. 19900126

Autonomous photovoltaic kit 1120Wp valid for all the usual appliances of a house without counting large consumptions (electric heaters electric heaters air conditioners vitroceramics etc). Time of continued use and ideal for daily use.


  • 19900126 - Autonomo Photovoltaic Kit 4 Panels 280Wp
  • 4 panels 330Wp / 24V
  • 1 Steca MPPT 5020 controller with LED charging indications
  • 4 monoblock batteries 12 / 250Ah C100 open lead acid deep discharge
  • 2 sets of positive and negative terminals for battery
  • 2 sets of male and female connectors for panel connection

Note: Cables are not included and can be purchased separately depending on the distance required.


  • 15003410 - Optional: Inverter Pure Wave TBB 2000W 24Vdc-230Vac
  • 12007824 - Optional: Structure 45º-55º for 4 panels of 280W.
  • 18100102 - Optional: Protective box with 2 inputs switch - 1 200Vdc output 60A Surge protection

Self-consumption Photovoltaic Kit STECA 1120Wp
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Data sheet
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