Kit 16kWh Powercycle BedPlate

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Ref. 14302056

New storage kits that include PowerCycle support and batteries. Battery specially designed for solar where the requirements of unloading and loading are demanding. Especially suitable for places with limited space and for domestic installations. Available in two versions with wardrobe with legs and door and bench. The batteries offer the following features

  • Robust cabinets and benches prepared for the support of the weight of the batteries / li>
  • Battery manufacturing technology in GEL from the Sonnenschein brand.
  • Made in Germany - Less impact of temperature on battery life.
  • Design life from 1600 cycles to 60% DOD and up to 3800 cycles to 50% if working in PSOC according to IEC 60896-11
  • Maintenance-free
  • The kit includes the monoblocks and the flat connections for the connection of the system in branches of 4 units followed. No output cables or junction boxes are included.
  • The installation must be carried out according to the RBT and by qualified technical personnel.

Data sheet

Data sheet
16 Kwh
48 Vdc
360 Ah
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