Solar pump Shurflo 120W

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Ref. 59000102

It is an ecological and self-sufficient simple water extraction system.

Solar pumping is used to extract water from the subsoil using the energy produced by photovoltaic modules. It is direct because the energy produced goes directly to the pump without the need for batteries thus avoiding costs additional The water tank that serves as a natural battery is used mainly in isolated places for irrigation livestock isolated houses protected natural spaces ...


  • Pump Shurflo 9300 submersible (ref. 50108010)
  • 2 Panel 60W (ref.11000006 )
  • 1 optimizer controller LCB-G75

Power 24303642W to be selected based on the received radiation. The areas with higher radiation we can put the 42W in areas with less radiation will be 24W.

Data sheet

Data sheet
120 W
Shurflo 9300
Tipo Celdas
2 Panel 45 W
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