Solar Street Lamp GLOBAL 18W Sensor

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Street Lamps Parks and Gardens

The street lamps are sized and programmed to set the maximum hour at night according to the area.

The regulator with autodetection of nominal voltage 12 / 24V contains the MPPT technology that searches for the maximum power point and that allows to regulate the hours of activation depending on the energy produced (self-management) by algorithm)

It is possible to control the operation of the lampposts with a remote system by radio or GSM communications (optional). We also have models with proximity sensor in the range of lampposts for parks and gardens

The lamps are LEDs according to the model. They can be used in roads car parks parks gardens bike lanes etc ... European Manufacturing.

  • Philips LUSEON high-efficiency LED luminaires.
  • Maintenance-free AGM batteries
  • Programmable charge controller
  • Does not include column
  • Sensor

Data sheet

Data sheet
18 W
12/24 Vdc
Tecnología MPPT
60 Ah
Tipo Celdas
Panel 100 W
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