Regulator Solsum 6.6F

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Solar Regulators Solsum 6.6F 8.8F 10.10F

They are suitable for application in small solar power systems with current in modules of up to 6A 8A and 10A. To activate the small consumption at 12Vdc and 24Vdc. One of the most sold in the market

Solar Regulators PRS 1010 2020 And 3030

Perfect for the care and control of the battery for a module power of up to 900 Wp. Especially suitable for professional applications

Solar Regulators PR 1010 2020 3030

Simple for its power at the same time a modern design and a comfortable screen to handle

Tarom Regulators 235 245 440 4545 4545-48

New generation of Steca Tarom regulators. A graphical visualization by digital screen. For installations up to 2400Wp (12V-24V-48V)

Regulators Solsum 2525 and 4040

Improved version of the PRS series with greater power. We have a USB box connector where you can charge smartphones and tablets.

Solarix 2020x2 Regulators

Regulator indicated for charging two batteries independently in a single regulator


Regulator Solsum 6.6F

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Data Sheet (EN)

Data sheet

Data sheet
12/24 Vdc
Weight (Kg)
90 g
115x57x20 mm
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