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With these kits the energy generated by the photovoltaic system is consumed first of all by all the consumptions that are in the house. The surplus energy is used to charge the high voltage batteries to later be consumed when necessary (for example at night when there is no sun). Using the storage system we can take much more advantage of the solar system or obtain more important savings in the electric bill. There may even be days that do not consume network only from the solar part and battery.

The kits are with the recommended configuration although you can also place more or less accumulation in batteries if it is considered appropriate.


  • 12 panels 280Wp - 1 inverter Kostal Piko 3 0-1 MP Plus - Meter for lithium


  • 14503827 Optional: Battery ByD HV Pro 6.4 - 6 4 Kwh - 254V - 5 modules - 580x894x380mm - 148 Kg
  • 12007856 Optional: 2 x Coplanar structure 0º of Aluminum for 6 panels of 280Wp
  • 18300101 Optional: Protection box with 1-input switch - 1 output 40A 900V - Overvoltage Prot.
Photovoltaic kits KOSTAL 3.36kWp
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