Photovoltaic Kit FRONIIUS 5.6kWp with accumulation

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Photovoltaic grid kits for self-consumption with accumulation in batteries for a 24h solar solution. The kits have a network inverter and an inverter-charger in addition to the lithium / gel batteries.


1. The panels will generate directly through the network inverter. If there is direct consumption this energy will be consumed by the equipment.

2. If there is surplus production it will accumulate in batteries through the inverter-charger.

3. When the panels are not generating or during the night hours the energy will come from the accumulation of the batteries.

4. As a last resort if we do not have energy from panels or batteries we will have the electric network.


Photovoltaic kits FRONIUS 5.6kWp
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5.6 kWp
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