Inversor Fronius Primo 3.0-1 3kW

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Fornius has a wide range of single-phase inverters for grid connection or self-consumption from the smallest of the Galvo series to the 8.2kW of the Primo series. Available Injection kit 0 for self-consumption with the Fronius Smart Meter

Fronius Galvo Features

The Fornius Galvo is the single-phase inverter with a nominal power range between 1.5 and 3.1 kW perfect for homes and especially suitable for self-consumption systems. The integrated energy distress relay allows the maximization of the self-consumption This together with another series of features makes Fronius Galvo an investor prepared for the future. Simple integrated data logging wireless internet connection or plug & play card technology to add additional functions.

Features Fronius Primo

The Fronius Primo in the power categories between 3.0 and 8.2 kW completes the range of SnaplNverters. This single-phase inverter without transformer meets the needs of any home. Its innovative SuperFlex design offers maximum flexibility in the design of the system and with the system of assembly SnaplNvertersinstallation and maintenance are easier than ever. Includes a communications package with WLAN connection numerous energy management interfaces.

Data sheet

Data sheet
3kW - 3000Wp
Weight (Kg)
21.5 kg
645x431x204 mm
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