Regulator Blue Solar Victron MPPT 250/70-Tr

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Victron's range of Blue Solar regulators have the technology of tracking the peak power (MPPT) that allow us to increase the performance of the solar installation by more than 25% to normal regulators. Its algorithm with efficiencies higher than 95% allow us to even select different output voltages

Victron range of regulators with ultra fast tracking of the maximum power point. Equipped with an easy and comfortable interface and advanced electronic protection systems

It has a wide variety of models with different voltage and amperage ranges that can be adapted to any type of installation. In addition. thanks to MPPT technology. panels designed for connection to the network can be used.

Get more energy from the panels thanks to the MPPT fast scan algorithm. Compatible with monitoring and remote configuration.

SmartSolar control screen Optional

By adding the SmartSolar control screen. you can see at a glance the status of your charger and the level of battery storage. You only have to connect it to the front panel of your MPPT charger to monitor the charger in real time and to configure your options.


Regulator Blue Solar Victron MPPT 250/70-Tr

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Data sheet

Data sheet
12/24/48 Vdc
70 A
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