Measurement Equipment PV Analyzer PVA-1000S

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PV Analyzer PVA-1000S

It is a powerful instrument of measure for large photovoltaic systems manufactured by Solmetric. This sophisticated tool is capable of measuring in each chain the curve I-V as well as the values ??Isc Imp Vmp Voc and Pmax in addition to creating predictive models to from the measured values ??of irradiation and temperature of the cells.

  • I-V measuring unit with carrying case.
  • Database with more than 10000 updatable modules
  • Wireless Sensor; It provides the most accurate values ??of irradiation temperature and inclination
  • Voltage range from 0 to 1000V and current from 0 to 20A


Offers an installer kit to measure and do all the necessary checks in the facilities photovoltaic solar Meets all requirements of calibration and current standards as well as the standard quality of good practices. With this you can have a control over ground continuity voltages in circuit open short-circuit strengths insulation resistance polarity insulation test solar irradiation among other values.

The installer kit includes *:

  • 1 x PV150 tester for solar installations
  • 1 x Solar Survey 200R irradiation meter
  • 1 x AC / DC clamps
  • 1 x Backpack for all accessories
  • 1 x Special cables with MC4 fuse
  • 1 x MC4 special cables
  • 1 x Cablo red and black with clips
  • 1 x Quick Guide and support on CD

Data sheet

Data sheet
0-1000 Vdc
Sensores Wireless
0-20 Adc
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