Batería ByD Pro 2.5 - 2 5kWh

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ByD is one of the two largest global manufacturers of electric vehicles since 1995. In the field of rechargeable batteries ByD operates throughout the entire industrial chain from the development of mineral resources to the production of battery packs; as far as ea The technology has a great capacity for research and development excellent design capacity and encapsulation. It also has a line of large-scale automatic production that places it among the leaders at an international level.

Currently its products include state-of-the-art lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePo4) batteries. ByD achieves the storage requirement energetic leveling between high demand and low demand and the frequency adjustment promoting electric and generation auxiliary services of renewable energy promoting the global transformation of clean energies and building a sustainable and clean future. In addition its technology is 100% safe for residential or commercial use.

The batteries are designed with natural ventilation and are modular and expandable. They have a 10 year warranty.

Compatible with MSA KOSTAL and Victron inverters.

There are two types of batteries:

  • ByD Pro (2.5-13.8) for 48Vdc systems
  • ByD HV Pro (6.4-11.5) for network inverters with high-voltage battery connection. Check compatibilities

Data sheet

Data sheet
2.5 kWh
51.2 V
Módulos 1
Weight (Kg)
79 kg
600x833x510 mm
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