Inverter-Charger SMA Sunny Boy Storage 5.0

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Ref. 15102910

Ideal charger inverter for isolated systems thanks to its easy combination with mixed systems of solar energy and auxiliary voltage (generator set or the network itself). Wide range of possibilities for systems Three-phase thanks to its large capacity to install several equipment in parallel

Thanks to the compatibility between SMA inverters instantaneous self-consumption installations can be realized (with grid inverter) and the surplus energy stored in batteries (with a charger inverter) for later use. Therefore we would have a system that would directly consume the energy produced and in the case of having excess it would store it in the battery group.


  • More resistant and efficient than its predecessor Sunny Island 2224/5048
  • Easy and independent operation of the site thanks to the Sunny Remote Control external display
  • Possibility of connecting a backup generator thanks to the integrated 100A charger
  • use anywhere thanks to IP54 protection type
  • Ability to extend afterwards by adding inverters in parallel


Inverter-Charger SMA Sunny Boy Storage 5.0

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Data sheet
Compatible con baterías ByD y LG HV
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