Pure Wave Inverter 375VA 24Vdc-230Vac

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If we want to ensure the correct functioning of the equipment that we connect. we will use these inverters. Its manufacture is more expensive have high-value technological components. It is recommended for all kinds of uses: television audio equipment desktop computers refrigerators electronic measuring equipment; and equipment of greater consumption as washing machines dishwasher systems of water pumping furnace and vacuum cleaner. One of its advantages more important are also higher yields and lower battery consumption.


  • Pure sine wave equipment: They are mainly used for all applications and can supply sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Yields & gt; 90%
  • Toroidal transformer: high performance
  • Microprocessor controlled: excellent protection against misuse
  • Battery cables included: easy to install
  • IEC-320 package for total electronic protection
  • Models higher than 1200VA can be connected parallel. reaching unlimited power or with each other to generate three-phase current
  • Programming via MK2-USB (Optional)


Pure Wave Inverter 350VA 24Vdc-230Vac

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