Growatt Inverter MIN 2500TL-XH | IP65 | 80-500Vdc | Monophase | 2 MPPT

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Ref. 15206673
XH series are Hybrid inverters that can be used as grid inverters and at the same time, you can accumulate power in batteries.

In addition, the system allows that if the electricity grid goes out, to have a backup system for emergency power. They have two MPPTs and can be installed outside the building, as they have IP65. Ideal for the residential or commercial sector.

Compatible with XH ARK Growatt batteries from 5.12 to 17.92kW. Communication is by data cable between the two systems, there is no need for a communication gateway.

  • 230Vac single-phase inverter.
  • Wide input voltage range.
  • One of its main innovations is to be able to oversize the capture surface up to twice the nominal power of the inverter, maximizing direct consumption and battery charge.
  • Optional Shine Wifi X or Shinelink for online data visualization, web server and free shine phone app.
  • Have a visual display.
  • Comfortable connection area and integrated DC disconnect device.

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Inversor Growatt 2500-6000TL-XH
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Download data sheet (EN)

Download Operating instructions (EN)

Download Data Sheet (EN)

Download Operating Instructions (EN)

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