Communication card for steca Solarix PLI 2400-24 | 24V

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Steca Solarix PLI 2400/24 inverter parallel connection card

Card for making the parallel connection between two or more Solarix PLI 2400/24 inverters. This card allows inverters to communicate with each other and can work in parallel to deliver greater power.

In order to make the parallel connection, each inverter must have its own card installed.

This card also allows the inverters to be connected on different lines to feed three-phase loads.

The parallel card allows the connection of up to nine devices connected in parallel simultaneously. Nine devices connected on the same line or if the network is three-phase, any possible combination of inverters, the maximum total number of inverters being nine.


Communication card for steca Solarix PLI 2400-24 / 24V

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