Fronius Symo GEN24 8.0 Inverter | 8kW | Triphasic


Ref. 15509705

The Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus provides a high degree of security for supply in the domestic sector thanks to its different variants of emergency current adapted to the needs of the customer, with or without battery.

The innovative PV Point makes a basic emergency power supply available to customers, even for those who do not want to buy batteries. For those who have storage batteries, the equipment offers complete emergency coverage throughout the home.

Fronius GEN24 Plus equipment is the ideal solution for the most diverse needs, since they include systems with an integrated battery, the Fronius Ohmpilot, which uses photovoltaic current for the preparation of hot water, or the photovoltaic installation integrated in a domestic automation solution . Fronius GEN24 Plus will always be the right choice, whether for new installations or extensions to existing solar systems. In addition, their installation, commissioning and maintenance are incredibly simple and can be used in any type of installation thanks to proven Fronius technologies, such as the SuperFlex design. This design is also presented by the Primo and Symo GEN24 Plus variants, ideal storage solutions for both single-phase and large-size three-phase installations.


Fronius Symo GEN24 8.0 inverter
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Data sheet
Three phases
Weight (Kg)
24 kg
594x527x180 mm
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