Lithium Battery LG RESU 3.3 - 3,3kW

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Lithium batteries for photovoltaic applications. Until recently the batteries of the battery were indicated for the use of small equipment electronic as batteries for mobile and portable.

From now on we can use this technology for photovoltaic installations. They are indicated by their size for isntalaciones connected to red It has already been designed to give support.

Litigation batteries have a longer life than other types of batteries. Cycles are usually greater than 6000 with A depth of discharge of 80%.

In addition to these maintenance and maintenance batteries. on the other hand Because of their small size they are suitable for domestic installations.

The LG lithium battery is compatible with SMA and VICTRON equipment.


Lithium Battery LG RESU 3.3 - 3,3kW
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Data sheet

Data sheet
3.3 Kw - 2.8 kW usable
48 Vdc
6000 Cycles
Weight (Kg)
31 kg
452x401x120 mm
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