Batería Exide Dual AGM EP800 de 12V y 92 Ah C20

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Ref. 14102044

Batteries for superior power supply. Its design offers the possibility to install the battery in the passenger compartment or even on the side. Regarding the advantages of a non-precise maintenance service it supports long periods of inactivity and allows up to 50% savings in recharge time. It also offers great strength due to its excellent response to vibrations and the inclination in addition to being proof of spills and leaks. Constructed with AGM technology (absorbed glass fiber separator) with Ca / Ca alloy and VRLA ventilation (regulated by valve).

This range is ideal for any type of recreational vehicle available from 50 Ah to 240 Ah in C20.


  • Maintenance-free
  • Suitable for long periods of inactivity (low self-discharge).
  • No location restrictions (can be installed in the cabin)
  • Safe and clean (flame retardant and anti-spill filters.)
  • Suitable for side mounting
  • High resistance to vibrations and inclination.
  • Up to 50% saving of recharge time.

Data sheet

Data sheet
12 V
Weight (Kg)
30 kg
353x175x190 mm
92 Ah C20
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