Energy Meter Single Phase Counter1x63A

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The Eastron SDM230 Modbus Wattmeter is an energy meter that serves to accurately know the electricity consumption that we ask of our installation. In this way, the meter communicates this to the grid tie inverter using the Modbus protocol. This Eastron brand model is compatible with the Kostal Piko MP Plus inverters that we offer on our website. Both devices must be connected so that the inverter has the adequate readings of the power that we are requiring in our installation.

Thanks to the measurement of electricity consumption and the rapid communication of the Interface, the inverter is able to limit the power to what the house is consuming at that very moment.

It is a device that allows, if we so wish, not to pour into the grid the surplus solar production that we are not using. It also serves to measure the energy requirement we have and, thanks to the inverter knowing what we are capable of producing, we will have a comparison between the energy produced and the energy required.

This wattmeter is compatible, of all those we offer, with Kostal Piko MP Plus inverters, check the technical sheet in each case to ensure compatibility or contact us and we will confirm the compatibility between the wattmeter and the inverter in question.


Energy Meter Single Phase Counter1x63A
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