Intensity sensor for Piko 12-20 gamma inverters 50A

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Ref. 15218163

Zero grid injection device for Kostal self-consumption inverters. It also monitors all the parameters of the solar installation. With the PIKO BA sensor you can dynamically control active power. The sensor controls the discharge to the network and records the household's self-consumption. The device allows compliance with Royal Decree 900/2015 on self-consumption, which prohibits discharge to the network.

Compatible only with three-phase inverters up to 35Kw of power.

Zero injection

kW consumed = kW generated.

Controls only one inverter.


Self-consumption monitoring.
Data on grid consumption and solar energy consumption.
Visualization in PIKO Solar Portal and PIKO Solar App.
Activation of loads in moments of surpluses in the network.

It is connected directly to the PIKO inverter (compatible only with three-phase inverters, not valid for PIKO 3.0).


Piko BA Sensor intensity sensor 50A
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Data sheet
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