Fronius Smart Meter - 3x63A - 3Phase

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Range of Fronius three-phase inverters for grid connection and self-consumption. Available kit 0 for self-consumption with Fronius Smart Meter Three-phase.

Fronius Symo

The compact three-phase inverter for maximum flexibility. With a nominal power range between 3 0 and 20 0 kW the Fronius Symo is the three-phase inverter without transformer for low power self-consumption installations. Thanks to its flexible design the Fronius Symo is perfect for installations on irregular surfaces or for roofs with various orientations. The standard internet interface through WLANo Ethernet and the ease of integration of components from other manufacturers make Fronius Symo one of the investors with the greatest flexibility in communications in the market. In addition the Meter interface allows dynamic power management and a clear visualization Of consumption.

Fronius Eco

The inverter for maximum performance installations. The Fronius Eco three-phase inverter with power ratings between 25.0 kW and 27.0 kW has been specially designed for high-power installations. This inverter without transformer allows a very quick and easy installation both indoor and outdoor.

LIGHT versions

All inverters from 5kVA are also available with the Light version without communication card. They are all available in price list.

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